Skin Considerations

Below is a rough list of how the various images would translate to infolabels within XBMC.

The basic premise is that every image would be called by Listitem.Image(), followed by the image type, and any other possible variables.

Also, it would probably be pertinent to include the option to have Listitem(offset).Image(), where offset denotes the number of positions away from the selected item to display. So, listitem(1).Image() would display the desired image type for the media item one position below the selected item.


Your basic fanart. "n" denotes the image number to use. Orientation defaults to landscape if there is none specified. If used in a multimage control, n is not required.

ex: ListItem.Image(fanart,01,portrait) ; ListItem.Image(fanart); ListItem.Image(fanart,03,landscape)


I know that there's currently a listitem.thumb property, and that every skin in existence probably uses it. But I just figured that if we're aiming for consistency, maybe this should be transitioned to, and start depreciating infolabels like Listitem.Thumb/Listitem.Icon/Listitem.Property(Fanart_Image).

This would be the "cover" or "poster" or "banner", depending on the media being used. As with fanart, n could be used to have multiple images available, and the orientation would determine whether a banner or poster is displayed.

Ex: Listitem.Image(thumb,01,landscape) - would display the first banner.
ListItem.Image(thumb,03,portrait) -would display the third poster.
ListItem.Image(thumb) - whatever people decide on. I'm just trying to get a rough idea going.


A screenshot or frame capture from the current video source. Uses the first screenshot if no "n" is specified, otherwise, shows the desired number.


These four are pretty self-explanitory. These are the various cover scans available for a dvd or blu-ray disc. Front Cover, Back Cover, Inlay or inner cover, and a combined cover, which would be the front and back together as if the case were laid flat.


Disc image. Since multiple discs are common, I obviously opted for a number as in other instances.


This would be a clearart image or a band logo.

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